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Gluing Your Numbers

Posted by Nick Moroder on Aug 11, 2014

Glue your race numbers to your expensive jersey/skinsuit? Sound crazy? There is actually several benefits ditching the pins and gluing your numbers. They won’t blow around like crazy The numbers lay flat and visible The pins put little holes in your...

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2014 Grafton Pumpkincross

Posted by Nick Moroder on Aug 8, 2014

Team Belgianwerkx is once again hosting one of the most exciting cross races in the WCA calendar, Grafton’s Pumpkincross. 2014 Grafton Pumpkincross is held in conjuction with Grafton’s Pumpkinfest. . Race hard, cheer harder because there are...

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Cyclocross: smooth is fast; fast is smooth.

Posted by Nick Moroder on Aug 3, 2014

So lets get you fast and smooth with Belgianwerkx and Bike Science Coaching on August 10 & 23, 2014 at Lime Kiln Park from 10am-3pm. You’ll learn cyclocross techniques, tactics and tips from Patrick Brock of Bike Science Coaching. Patrick has been...

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