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Recent Blog Posts

Di2 Shift Modes for Cyclocross

Posted by Nick Moroder on Feb 4, 2017

Versatility is of the best things about Shimano’s Di2. In this video, we explore 3 popular shift modes for cyclocross.

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New Blue FMB Cyclocross Tires

Posted by Nick Moroder on Dec 1, 2016

Belgianwerkx is proud to announce the arrival of blue cyclocross tires from FMB. The newest tires are available in 3 tread patterns, feature a custom blue sidewall, and are available exclusively through Belgianwerkx. “We’ve developed a strong relationship with...

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Dairyland Dare 2016

Posted by Jessica Helmlinger on Oct 3, 2016

Two weeks ago I completed my first Dairyland Dare. Dairyland Dare used to be part of the Wisconsin Endurance Triple Crown, and now as a standalone event, offers distances of 50k-300k all to be completed in one day. The catch is where the ride is held; Dodgeville, WI is...

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