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Nick’s Blog

Nick’s Blog

Welcome! It’s been a long and exciting road toward the opening of our new shop. I’m proud to say that we’ve created something truly unique in the Milwaukee area. While it looks like Bill and I put this shop together ourselves, we never could have done it without the help and support of our friends and family. Their countless hours, helping, providing encouragement, prayer, advice and the occasional beer or two have sustained us through the last few months. I am so proud to have them as my source of strength and encouragement.

When you visit us, you’ll see that we’ve built something special, a shop unlike anything around. I hope our passion for our work shows when you bring in your bike for service, select a new piece of riding gear, or come in for a Retul fit. I’m excited to get started with our next chapter.

Welcome to Belgianwerkx.


  1. Congratulations! Nicholas & Bill

    The shop looks great and you are well on your way.

    The area riders are lucky to have a such a talented and dedicated team to make their cycling experience the best it can be.

    I look forward to watching your progress.

  2. Nick,
    My wife and I were very happy to meet you today and get the low-down on your sizing service offerings. We are very excited to have a cycle shop where a truly scientific method is used to appropriately fit one to a bike. Being somewhat new to cycling, it was nice to meet someone who is not “dismissive” to those who do not speak the lingo or who have a lot of questions. We are looking forward to our fitting this week and look forward to doing lots of business with you and your team.
    Cheers and see you later this week,

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