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2nd Monday Night “Recovery” Ride

2nd Monday Night “Recovery” Ride

Well, we gave it another shot tonight. We keep thinking that the weather HAS GOT to get better. Technically, I guess it did. Last week we rode in temperatures that hovered around 32 degrees, with wind chills quite a bit lower. This week the ride started out at 45(ish), but sinking fast. I’m thinking we were down around 35 or so when the ride finished. But hey, at least we stayed dry. Though once again, we had a nice group participating. 13 crazy-ass bike nuts started from the shop, and the route took us through Mequon, Thiensville and portions of “outer” Cedarburg. And much like last week, we TRIED to keep the pace down to an easy conversational level. However, 11 of us were male. And whenever you have more than one male on a bike ride, “easy” takes on a whole new meaning. So now if you do the math, you’ll figure out that 13 riders started, and 11 were male. That means that 2 riders were female. I need to apologize on behalf of my gender to Claudia and Colleen. You are the BEST! Thank you so much for joining the ride! That took some intestinal fortitude to join up with a bunch of lycra-clad wannabes on a nasty, damp evening. Your attitude is EXACTLY what we’re looking for on these rides. So PLEASE keep coming back, and invite your friends! We also need to throw a shout-out to Noah Rickun. He just bought a bike from us (THANK YOU) after his doctor suggested bike riding as a cross-training alternative to his long-distance running. As a former marathon/Ironman guy, I totally agree with the low-impact benefits of cycling. But group riding can be pretty intimidating for a new rider, yet Noah handled it like a champ! Great job Noah, this is another example of what these Monday night rides represent. So spread the word, ALL levels are encouraged to attend.

Now I can’t let this opportunity pass without a product review. Tonight was my first ride under a new LAZER Helium helmet. I’ve never given much thought to helmets. Yes, I know they’re important, and I’ve had a couple of nasty wrecks that certainly reinforced the value of a quality helmet. And there are many fine brands out there, and we carry several at Belgianwerkx. But the LAZER Helium really rises above. I have a large, odd-shaped noggin that generally results in a headache shortly into the ride, especially when it’s cold and I need to wear a hat. But tonight was different. I didn’t even think about the helmet after strapping it on. And trust me, that’s the highest compliment that I can give to a helmet (other than a crash review, so stay tuned).

Thanks again to all who came out tonight! Please bring a friend next Monday. IT WILL GET WARMER!(?)

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