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Testing 1,2,3!

Testing 1,2,3!

haele kitOn a recent training trip to Tucson, AZ I had the honor to try out the Belgianwerkx cycling kit. Despite a long day of traveling my team started off our training camp with a long hilly ride over Starr Pass. Not being accustomed to the heat and dry air I started my first ride in the heat off missing a few AZ essentials. I quickly found that chapstick, more water, and perhaps some sunscreen might have been a good idea. But despite missing these things I was lucky to be wearing the Belgianwerkx kit. Mostly white and blue it wasn’t too hot in the sun and the Pearl Izumi cooling technology was welcome in the heat. Luckily it kept me from sweating too much, wicking up the moisture(which was probably good considering I forgot deodorant).

So after a long ride that first day I was fortunate to get by with little more than a sunburn. After 4 or more days of tough riding the kit held up extremely well! I didn’t have any problems with chafing and during my big ride up Mt. Lemmon I was thankful for the thick chamois in the shorts. By the end of the trip I was happy to be going home and more than a little worn out from the riding. But I was lucky enough to learn a few things from my trip. Number one: wear sunscreen! Number two: stay away from cacti… Number three: drink drink drink. And lastly and number four: For my long rides the Belgianwerkx kit holds up exceptionally well.

Ride on, Haele

haeleHaele Jasen is a Belgianwerkx Sales associate and Junior elite triathlete who races for Z3, an elite triathlon team based out of Iowa. In between racing and training she finds time to work with something she loves; bikes. While still learning the mechanics she enjoys riding the most.

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