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Tour of Battenkill Day 2

Tour of Battenkill Day 2

20130414_150257_resizedI’m sitting in a motel room somewhere near Toledo Ohio totally wiped out. I gotta tell you, I’m getting too old for this. What a whirlwind. I left Milwaukee Thursday afternoon, drove 16 hous over 2 days, raced Saturday, raced Sunday, drove 10 hours, got a couple hours sleep, now jumping in the car for another 6 hours. What was I thinking? But this race was on my bucket list. CHECK and DOUBLE-CHECK. Yesterday’s 50+ Masters race went a little better than Saturday’s 45+ did. I was worried about my stretched derailleur cable, and as Nick knows I’m a bumbling mechanic, so I stopped at the Mavic Neutral Support tent. The guy fixed me up nice. AND he rides a Ridley Noah, so we’re Belgian brothers. A big thank you there. The weather was ok, cooler than Saturday and windy. 20 mph with 30 mph gusts. The 1st 5 miles was downwind, so FAST. Hit the covered bridge in a good spot and made it over the 1st steep climb with the group. I settled in knowing that the steepest climb (tops @ 12%) was looming at mile 26. What does Phil Liggett say? “Oh no, it looks like Bill Koehler has come unhinged from the group on this nasty climb.” Well, that’s what happened. Big hill, tired legs, fat ass = DROPPED. But DNF’g wasn’t an option, so you just find some other guys and work together. I actually felt pretty good, given that I raced the same brutal course twice in about 26 hours. Analyzing the Garmin stats, I shaved 7-8 minutes off my previous day while keeping my average heart rate at 142 vs 151. So I’m happy, and tired. Well, time to hit the road. Tonight’s shop ride will be the true definition of RECOVERY. Hope to see you there.


  1. Way to reach deep into your suitcase of courage, Bill!

  2. Great report, Bill, but just for you, we are really going to push the pace hard tonight!

  3. Bill, LOVE the race reports…keep them coming.

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