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Holy Hill Ride

Holy Hill Ride

20130505_150444At least 20 riders rolled out of BELGIANWERKX this afternoon on an absolutely beautiful spring day. Our destination was Holy Hill, and we had a nice tailwind on the way out. So it goes without saying that the pace picked-up a little sooner than anyone expected. Get a few guys in lycra going downwind and you know the rest…

Therefore the group didn’t hold together as much as we’d hoped. As we got closer to HH, the hills got steeper. But the scenery is breathtaking, and the final climb to the Basilica was actually quite epic in a midwestern sort of way. After re-filling water bottles and chowing down snacks, we rolled down the hill and back towards the shop. This is when we noticed the steady NE breeze that pushed us on the way out. Not so nice on the way back. But what was left of the group worked together in a double paceline to lessen the load. So before we knew it, we were rolling into Mequon and back to BELGIANWERKX. Nearly 64 miles of fun. Actual ride time averaged close to 20 mph. Thanks to everyone who came out! I need to single out Rob McDougall for a Gold Star ride. He started out the day with a 60 mile ride alongside his Tri group, then jumped into our ride for another 60+. 125 miles of riding for the day!

20130505_150455To those who joined us, thank you! We hope you enjoyed the ride. To everyone else, we hope to see you next time!

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