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UVEX sgl 202 Vario Sunglasses

UVEX sgl 202 Vario Sunglasses

Clipboard01Those of you that know me are aware of a recent neck injury and the continued discomfort it carries on long rides. After many physical therapy sessions and other doctor appointments, I began seeking new equipment that can help reduce the inflammation that I had been experiencing. Enter the uvex sgl 202 vario glasses.

I previously had been sporting the Oakley Split Jacket glasses for the past several years. Great glasses, great optics, but having to change the lenses was a pain and the full frame of the glasses caused me to tilt my head up further than needed to see down the road, thus causing neck pain. The uvex sgl 202 varios take care of both those problems. No frame at the top of the lens allowed me to keep my chin tucked and being able to ride longer without neck stiffness. HUGE PLUS! More power to the engine room, Captain! Further the “vario” features a variomatic lens allowing more or less light in the brighter the conditions are outdoors. No more lens changes – clear in cloudy, overcast and low light conditions, and dark smoke colored in bright light! The lenses themselves seem of good optic quality, but I’ve only been testing them for a couple weeks. I will update the review later down the line with the lens durability.

The fit on these glasses is amazing – a soft rubber adjustable nose pad and flexible legs allow the glasses to cling to your face without pinching or any other discomfort. Comparatively to other glasses I’ve worn in the past, these bad boys are super light and allow you to feel like there’s nothing on your face – and they look great. Is that not what’s important in the land of cycling? Oh, and they slide in to vent holes on your favorite helmet well. I use both a Giro Aeon and a Lazer Helium helmet and have had no problem with the glasses staying on top of my helmet.

At $159.99 MSRP, I’d say these are a good deal. Less expensive than other brands, but a good quality product that looks and fits great. Stop in a give them a look at BelgianWerkx!

Keep On Riding,


bikesciencePatrick Brock is a BelgianWerkx sales associate, and Category 3 Cyclocross racer for My Wife Inc., CX Team racing across the Midwest. He is also USA Cycling Level 3 Cycling Coach and owner of Bike Science Coaching offering cyclists of all levels and disciplines custom training plans tailored to their needs. See for more information.

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