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Giro d’ Grafton

Giro d’ Grafton

L1010974Saturday June 22nd saw the 7th annual Giro d’ Grafton criterium take place thru the streets of downtown Grafton. BELGIANWERKX took an active role this year, both behind the scenes and out on the race course. We were in charge of recruiting and organizing the Course Marshals, as well as raising money for the race “primes” given out to the racers throughout the day. Both jobs accomplished! The volunteers were great, creating one of the safer criterium venues I have ever seen. We had all corners and crosswalks staffed throughout the 9 hours of action-packed, wheel to wheel racing. Thank you to all!

As for the primes, we were able to raise $2000, which was disbursed in all racing categories. Not only does this help out a few riders with much-needed cash, but it also makes for more interesting racing. It’s amazing the speeds that can be reached when you’re looking to grab $100! Our thanks go out to the companies and organizations that donated.

L1010966As for TEAM Belgianwerkx, we had our biggest race-day participation yet! The team is really coming together nicely. In the Men’s Cat 4-5 race, I believe we had 9 riders, which may have been the largest team in the field. Pretty cool for a team that just came together in the last couple of months. Jadon Jaeger had another solid showing, placing 5th in a very fast-paced race. Coupled with his 4th place finish at East Troy, he is in the mix for the overall series championship! Jessica Helmlinger rocked the BW kit in the Women’s 3-4 race, while Matt King, Bob Phelps and yours truly mixed it up in the Master’s 3-4 event. We were also flying the Belgian & Flanders flags at our volunteer tent, so all in all it was great exposure for the team and the shop at one of the biggest criteriums in the state!

Once again, our thanks go out to everyone who helped make this a very special day. We truly appreciate it!

Photos credit of Darren Hauck, team Belgianwerkx member.

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