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1063810_619652469846_364508222_oTeamwork has always been a difficult and somewhat vague concept for many of us. We’re taught that it’s important from a very young age, and are encouraged to practice it throughout our lives. But how often do we really experience it first-hand? Sure we can watch the Packers and believe that we’re witnessing it. But those guys are getting paid, and it’s their JOB to be a team. Does that count? Maybe. But one thing I do know, Team Belgianwerkx just showed me (and everyone else) how a team performs, looks and behaves during the recent Tour of America’s Dairyland (ToAD) cycling series. The guys who rode together for the last 10 days in the men’s Open Category 4-5 event did so as one, not as a bunch of individuals. Sure they wanted to get one of their own crowned as series champion, but it became more than that. Friendships were forged and everyone’s roles were respected and appreciated. Not only that, but other competitors respected the team and what they represented, also becoming friends in the process.

46827109-Schlitz+pARK+1+6-25-13+274So let’s break it down. If you’re reading this, then you are probably aware that Team Belgianwerkx rider Jadon Jaeger won the overall ToAD Series Championship in the Men’s Cat 4-5 category. Great job Jadon! But as the above paragraph indicates, he had a lot of help throughout the 10 days of racing. Early on it became evident that Jadon had a real shot at the championship. And without any prodding, his teammates rallied around him, intent on doing whatever they could to make this happen. Other riders were “marked”, breaks were chased down and Jadon was protected from possible mayhem. Individual results were disregarded in favor of the overall team goal. Great stuff. I’m sure Jadon will write his own recap of the series (after sleeping for a week), so I’ll let him describe the action and tactics as they played out over the series. But I know how appreciative he is of all of the hard work and sacrifice displayed by his ‘mates.

Awesome job guys! It made me proud to wear the Team Belgianwerkx kit. I can’t count how many people in the local cycling/racing community have come up to me in the last 10 days complimenting the team and how they came together. Teams who have been racing together for years have not displayed the selfless attitude that you did. You’re the best! Now get some rest!

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  1. Nice work Jadon and Team Belgianwerkx! Really great effort, it was fun to watch.

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