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If you’re reading this post, then you can see that it’s been awhile since anyone has added to our blog. I think this is a result of something that most of us cycling enthusiasts experience this time of year. Burnout. Hitting the wall. Dog days. Whatever you want to call it, I know I have it, how about you? Sure, we still love getting on the bike. But maybe not as much? It still beats working (or golf), but part of me feels like I’m going thru the motions. There sure isn’t that level of excitement that I experienced back in the Spring, with a whole promising road season ahead of us. And it was a GREAT season (once the weather began to cooperate). Team BELGIANWERKX had an awesome showing at ToAD, and other events. Our kits were prominent at local events and group rides. All in all, an amazing inaugural performance on the road.

But here we are in August now. Other than Race the Lake, the road racing season is done. Maybe the burnout we seem to feel this time of year is due to our climate? We anxiously wait for decent outdoor weather throughout our never-ending winters, then once it (sort-of) arrives, BAM! We try to get us much racing/riding in as possible. Perhaps if we lived in a warmer area, we would pace ourselves better? As I get older, I’m more inclined to test that theory.

Now the good news. The perfect cure for the late summer blues is just around the corner. CYCLOCROSS SEASON!! To me, ‘cross is less about competition, and more about celebrating cycling. It’s the season-ending party that happens to last about 4 months. A complete 180 from crits. You NEVER hear the pissing/moaning/bitching in a CX race that you would in a crit. It’s such a better vibe. If you haven’t experienced it, you owe it to yourself to come out and watch. And trust me, watching ‘cross is a participation sport in it’s own right. Then you’ll want to try it, and then you’re hooked. Guaranteed. Just writing this has gotten the juices flowing… I CAN’T WAIT!


  1. You have a lot to look forward to! The inclusion of the Belgianwerkx team made the road season better and it will do the same for the ‘cross scene, particularly PumpkinCross in Grafton. Please tell me there are Belgianwerkx-branded cowbells coming.

    By the way, is it true that local cyclocross legend Patrick Brock has a different embrocation formula for every 5 degrees of temperature variance and a different chamois creme for each butt cheek? Great guy but kind of a diva …

    • Enzo’s all the way, both sides.

      No embro for me, unfortunately.

  2. Hey Bill, I sure enjoyed spectating at the TOAD races this year. I also have been watching the Tour De France the past few years and have enjoyed learning about bicycle racing. I know nothing about cyclocross but would like to learn. Please post the upcoming events so I can go and watch, as I would have no idea where and when they are being held. I am also looking forward to riding the new Synapse I just ordered. Maybe with that I can join you guys on a shop ride and attempt to keep up! Thanks for your updates.

  3. @Dave – Belgianwerkx Cowbells? I’m going to get working on that!

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