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Reviewed: Arundel Sport Cages

Reviewed: Arundel Sport Cages

Bottle cages are one of those ‘set and forget’ items on a bike. They just need to work on each and every ride but often times are chosen with form over function. I originally had Tacx Tao cages installed on my new bike earlier this spring. They looked decent, matched my bike, and had decent reviews by other cyclists. They did not live up to their reputation. After a few months of riding on Milwaukee roads one cage had already cracked at the mounting location. This was the result of the cage being too flexible, allowing the cage to move side to side. Enter the Arundel Sport Cages. They were light, cheap, matched my bike, and came highly recommended by Nick at Belgianwerkx. After numerous races and thousands of miles they have performed flawlessly. I have not lost one bottle yet and have had zero issues retrieving or inserting a bottle into the cages while riding. They hold the bottle much more securely than the Tacx cages and can handle the roughest of Milwaukee’s roads without showing any kind of weakness. As an added bonus, you get to support a small U.S. start-up bicycling products company by using Arundel cages. Due to their great value and ‘set and forget’ performance the Arundel Sport Cages will be my bottle cage of choice and recommendation to others in the future.

  • 47 Grams
  • Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Pink available
  • Fits standard Water Bottles
  • MSRP $16.95

_NOR4650Jadon is a Cat 4/5 road racer for Belgianwerkx who is returning to competition after a few years away from the race scene with a focus on criteriums and road races. In 2013 he is learning the nuances of crit racing having previously focused most of his racing on hill climb events in his former home of Colorado.

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