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Reviewed: Shimano PRO Vibe 7s Handlebar

Reviewed: Shimano PRO Vibe 7s Handlebar

I purchased the PRO Handlebar when I bought the Cannondale Supersix race bike this winter. I bought these bars because I have somewhat large hands and the stock handlebars, like most, have a rather small diameter. These small diameter bars put the pressure between the bars and your hands in a smaller area. This can cause pain and numbness, which it did for me. I assumed that the “fatter” bars would be a lot more comfortable for a person with bigger hands.

Right away I was very pleased. The larger surface area felt extremely comfortable. I no longer needed to add extra rolls of handlebar tape to make the bars feel right. Not only are they more comfortable, but I feel I have better control and endurance, meaning I don’t need to change hand positions constantly to keep my hands from falling asleep. I would definitely buy them again because they make my riding experience so much more comfortable. I don’t recall these bars costing any more than your standard performance handlebars, so I see them as an upgrade in comfort and not necessarily performance. As a bonus, fatter bars will be stiffer than the others, which comes in handy while sprinting and climbing.


  • Top-OS AL-7050 for increased rigidity
  • Integrated Dual Cable Routing for brake- and shift-cables
  • Available with Round, Anatomic or Compact II bend-design
  • Sizes: 38, 40, 42 and 44cm (C/C)
  • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Weight: 285g.
  • MSRP $89.99

arlen2Arlen Spicer is a Cat 3 Team Belgianwerkx member. He’s been riding since college and is looking forward to his first cyclocross season this fall.

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