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Patience and Preparation

Patience and Preparation

It’s the end of March and I, like many reading this, this morning woke to a inch of snow on the ground. The seemingly endless winter has me frustrated. I’m longing for rides to work, clean dry roads to race on, Cheesehead-Roubaix, Team Camp, Donut Rides, and wearing out my new team kit.

I’m not a patient person. It’s one of many things I’ve been working on. Many things in life don’t happen in my time, and I’ve been working on trying to accept that. This winter has been no exception. Instead of focus my energy on the disappointment of another cold day, I’m focusing my efforts on preparing myself for what’s coming.


I’ll be at the shop helping people prepare for spring. Some will be riding new bikes, wheels, or power meters. Some are making sure their trusted and proven bikes are ready for another year. Some are trying a new saddle, or new bar tape. Others are putting in hard work on their trainers (or even outside). They’re prepared for spring.

There is something I experience every year, and I’m sure this spring won’t be an exception. On the first few nice days, we get a ton of bikes rolling in with all sorts of maladies. Most have had some sort of click, clack, creak, or crack since the fall. Procrastination has gotten the better of their owners. Parts need to be ordered, bikes cleaned, wheels trued, and repairs labored over. More waiting when they could have been riding.


Prepare your gear and yourself for what’s coming. Be ready. The sun comes closer every day, and will soon break the stranglehold winter has on us.

Patience isn’t the same as waiting; patience is what you do while you are waiting.



1669917_607356996005637_1313261899_oNicholas Moroder is the everyday face of Belgainwerkx. He has been wrenching on bikes for 10 years and is a Certified Retul University fitter. He’s the kind of guy who can tell you what tire is best for your wet rides, or what brake pads will make your rims last the longest. He manages the service, product , fitting, and day-to-day operation of the shop.

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