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Bike Profile: Nick’s SingleSpeed CX Machine

Bike Profile: Nick’s SingleSpeed CX Machine

Up next in our Bike Profile series is Nicholas Moroder, Mr. Belgianwerkx himself, and his SSCX machine. He built it up for the 2013 WCA season of cyclocross and it will make it’s 2014 debut this Saturday at Cross the Rock Relay.

Rider Details

Name: Nicholas Moroder
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 135
Age: 29
Category: CX Category 3
Type of Riding: Whatever I can…

Bike Details

Frame: Cannondale SuperX, size 52cm
Notable Components: The BEER Components bottom bracket is probably the most unique bit. It helps me achieve proper chain tension on this single speed set-up. It’s very well engineered. Wheels are handbuilt Major Tom Tubulars on Surly Single Speed hubs. I’ve been running an Clement MXP on back and a PDX on front. Clement Tubulars are clincher tough (I crash a lot). And our custom Belgianwerkx Zevlin bar tape is a nice touch – I love how our logo looks on it, plus the tape is very comfortable.
Weight: 16.8 lbs (with mud)

Q&A with Nick

What are your rides like: Well this is what I raced in 2013, and I haven’t touched it since State last year. I usually doubled up on race day, doing the single speed and Cat 4’s back-to-back. I’m going to be crushed in the Cat 3’s.
What do you like about the bike: The brakes are great. Canti’s are always a little finicky, these only pulsate occasionally… and that’s pretty ok with me. The bike is a collection of old parts and cheap ones on a really nice frame. Spent most of my money on the brakes and tires, as I feel that is the most important parts of any cross bike. The geometry rocks. The bike is way faster than I am.
What would you change about the bike: Nothing. This is as good as it gets for this workhorse. I have my eye on a disc brake single-speed frame, but I don’t really need it…

The Bike


Nick’s complete SS SuperX


BEER Components bottom bracket helps Nick achieve proper chain tension on the SS


Shimano’s Cantilever CX-70 brakes


  1. Since when was “don’t really need it” an excuse for not buying another bike?

  2. Hi, what’s the saddle height on that bike ? trying to figure if I can have it high enough on a 52 cm SuperX ! Nice bike !

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