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My Seven Cycles Evergreen SLX “dream bike project” is moving along along at a brisk pace! To recap, we had sent Greg Marchand of Seven’s Performance Design Group the fit numbers from my Cannondale CAAD10 as a baseline, paired with a discussion on my hopes & dreams for this bike. So the other day, Greg came back with a preliminary frame spec & bike build sheet for us to analyze.

specs copy

The best way to analyze the frame measurements is to plug numbers into the Retul Muve fit bike and start riding. So we did. And we were pretty close to nailing it the first time. But after a couple of minor adjustments (+1 cm stack, +1 cm reach), we got it dialed in. That’s the beautiful thing about the Retul Muve, we can make incremental adjustments quickly, while riding, and look at the data “on the fly.” So you get immediate feedback from both the rider and the fit specialist.

So now we will send these updated numbers back to Greg, who will finalize the design specs and send them back to us for sign-off. But enough about measurements and components. Let’s talk about paint. Because in the end, this bike needs to make a statement. Yes, titanium is making a statement, as is Shimano Di2, ENVE cockpit, yada yada yada. But the paint is what will jump at you. I had explained to Seven that I’ve always loved the Belgian National Jersey. And Seven had worked these colors into Nick’s Mudhoney that’s hanging in the shop. I wanted a bit more of the Belgian flag incorporated into this frame. And here is the result:

Belgian werkx 2

I don’t know about you, but I love this! I might experiment with the bar tape and brake hoods a bit to bring more of the Belgian flag to the bars. But I really think that Jordan in Seven’s paint department hit this one out of the park! Yes, I’M GETTING STOKED!!! (So stoked that I’m checking on flights to Boston, stay tuned…)


  1. Bill, is the bottom of the frame raw titanium? If so, I really like it. This keeps the dirtiest, hardest to clean part of the bike raw, so no paint gets scratched. And so everyone knows it’s Titanium!
    I must admit, I have always dreamed of a Ti bike. Just ask Nick, he has heard me say it many times. I too love the Belgian jersey colors. If I were designing a Ti bike, I would be really happy with the design you have on the table.
    A new bike is a great motivator for training. Can’t wait to roll alongside of you this spring!

    • Arlen, the whole silver area is raw Titanium, even the logo. Super sweet.

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