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Review: Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0

Review: Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0

I recently purchased the Giant Propel Pro 0 from Belginwerkx in Mequon, Wisconsin. I had a Trek Modone previously and wanted a more race oriented bike that I could do local crits and triathlons on. Needless to say the Propel has met those needs and more. I was a little skeptical on the need for DI2 shifting but now that I have it, I will never go back. Every shift is lighting fast and never misses a beat. I was also worried that the aggressive position of the Propel would be too hard on my back but Nick at Belginwerkx provided me with a fit that would be comfortable while still maintaining the aggressive position that I was looking for. The bike is in another category compared to my old Madone. It reacts perfectly to every input from the pedals or the handlebars. The people who say “its not the bike, its the motor”,  haven’t ridden this bike. Its snaps off the line and holds speed effortlessly and it looks fast just standing still. I have done a lot of research on aero-focused bikes and I can say that when it comes to handling, ride feel and pure acceleration, the Propel has it all.


propel shot


adam wardAdam Ward is a new member of Team Belgianwerkx. He’s been racing a little road and cyclocross since last year. He’s already been a great addition to the team and we’re looking forward to seeing his progression as a rider.


  1. Appreciate the review Adam. Do you know what size and weight your bike comes in at?

    Thinking about investing in a 2016 one for the new race season.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Did you end up sticking with the Giant SLR wheel set?

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