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An Important Announcement Regarding our Fitting Policy

An Important Announcement Regarding our Fitting Policy

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

Since opening a couple years ago we have striven to emulate this philosophy in everything we set out to do. When someone comes to us for a new bike, we take the time to understand their budget, goals, riding style, and expectations. We take every customer through a initial bike and frame sizing, looking for the bike that fits their body and riding style. After we receive and carefully build their new bike, we go through another fitting together to dial in the bike to a comfortable and efficient position. This second round of fitting makes sure the right size and style of bike is tailored to that rider’s body and riding habits. Saddle, stem, handlebar, seatpost, shoes, cleats, bar tape – it’s all a consideration when fitting a new bike. Our process ensures that our rider not only finds a bike well suited for their endeavors, but also one that has been properly fit and properly built. For the same reasons, we have continued to offer a large selection of bikes from many manufacturers, including Cannondale, Giant, Liv, Foundry, Seven and Rocky Mountain.

Since we opened we have also offered fitting for those who already have a bike. For one reason or another, these people feel like something isn’t right and ask us to help them improve their experience on the bike. We have been seeing far too many people on bikes that are not right for their riding style and goals. Our fittings are also being bogged down by bikes that have problems beyond size and style. Often we have to spend hours rushing to fix an improperly built bike or swap parts just so we can begin our fitting process. We’re often tasked with working around a problem that simply can not be solved without starting over (You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear). Another problem we have been running into is lack of resources, our fitter is also the same person who services, builds, orders parts and sells bikes. We attempted to solve this problem by streamlining the process with an online scheduler. Unfortunately, demand for fittings outside of these time slots resulted in dozens of emails and calls. We were simply unable to accommodate these requests. All of this means delays and distractions for loyal customers who have made other purchases from us.

Due to these constraints, we are no longer booking any fits for bikes purchased outside of our store. We will continue fittings on new bike purchases, as we always have. If you’ve purchased you bike from us and need a check-up, nothing is changing. We understand that this might be disappointing to some potential customers. It was not an easy decision to make, but we feel it is necessary to maintain our reputation as a shop that does things right, from the beginning, every time.

1669917_607356996005637_1313261899_oNicholas Moroder is the everyday face of Belgainwerkx. He has been wrenching on bikes for 10 years and is a Certified Retul University fitter. He’s the kind of guy who can tell you what tire is best for your wet rides, or what brake pads will make your rims last the longest. He manages the service, product , fitting, and day-to-day operation of the shop.

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  1. Dang Nick ! Guess that’s what happens when YOU are known as the best mechanic in the area!! wheww, i got in just in the nick of time with another Brand!! Thanks so much tho for the fit, my knee is FINE, thanks to you. Now, sell me a GIANT. šŸ™‚

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