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Who Says Cross Season has to be in the fall? Spring Cyclocross Race Report

Who Says Cross Season has to be in the fall? Spring Cyclocross Race Report

Joe Viel, one of our Rockford-area team members, started racing mountain bikes in the 90’s. He got into road and triathlon shortly after and has completed an Ironman and an Xterra, in addition to time trials and road races. Return to the Hill is the second race as part of a 3-race Spring cyclocross series in Rockford, IL. Thanks for the write up, Joe!

This is my third year at cyclocross and it’s my new love. I like that there seems to be an endless learning curve. I think that I learn about three new things at every cross race. Then, you practice that and learn something totally new at the next race.

Spring and Fall have many similarities, and I like warmer weather and sunshine a lot more.  Who says that cross season has to be in the fall? The Screw City Cyclocross Classic was your typical cross race weather; cold, rain, mud, and still tons of fun.

Return to the Hill was crazy with no recovery, tons of climbing and fast descents, and some mud from the ginormous iceberg in the middle of the course that was melting in the 70 degree sun, a product of snow making machines from last winter’s sledding hills.

The snow and ice was probably my biggest dread of this course and all of the climbs were the most memorable. My favorite quote of the day, and I think a theme of everyone racing this early in the year was when I asked another racer what he thought of the race, he said, “I just wanted to see how out of shape I am.”

Will I be at the third race of the series, Another Dam Race, in May? Yes. All of Fall I take long drives to the Wisconsin and Chicago series to get my cross fix, so a race in my backyard is a no brainer. Anyone from Belgianwerkx or anyone who just want to see how out of shape they are should definitely make the drive. It was an amazing day. The dam race is a new race at a new place, but I believe the location has great potential. So get out your passports and drive on down south of the border.

The race is put on be Rock River Multisport. Yes, a Triathlon club that has a CX series.

See you there, Joe Viel




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