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Pain Caves

Pain Caves

We asked a few Team Belgianwerkx members to let us into their training lairs. Some are very simple/humble and some are infotainment/training that rival an Olympic training center.

Tubbs Intergalactic Training Center

Knowing I was going to spend a ton of time downstairs prepping for DK, I bought an AV cart to mount a 32″ TCL TV w/Roku with a shelf to hold a Blu-Ray player with my mini-PC on top.
I use a CycleOps Magnus won in a silent auction at last year’s BikeFed Saris Gala. I use that in combination with PC-based TrainerRoad as seen in the lower right. TCL Roku w/YouTube to watch CX races. Fans front (Dyson) and rear (not shown – Vornado 270 bought used from Milwaukee Cycling Center) for cooling/air movement. HR/Power zone targets duct taped to the wall at left.

Adam’s Simple Solution

Basic trainer. But with a power meter so I can still train with power. I like using online apps like Sufferfest and Zwift. Or just watching old race footage.

Ross’s Upgrade

Just switched from an old on wheel to the Kickr last week. It is awesome. I mostly just listen to music when riding inside, but now that it isn’t as loud I will probably watch tv or movies. There is also a pink doll house in front of my bike that you can’t see. That is important, keeps the kids away from the bike.

Rob Has Some Plans

“I have been using TrainerRoad and watching shows while I ride inside. I fit them on the same screen using the minimized TrainerRoad window. Some day I will get two monitors. Stages power meter with an ANT+ dongle on a USB extension cord from the computer. Water, fan and sweat towel are necessary for me.

Mike’s Recovery Zone

This is my basic setup. I like the custom drink holder in front of it – comes in handy in between intervals…

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