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Bill Koehler

About us

Cheesehead Roubaix-008Your very first bicycle? (Or childhood ride)
My first bike was a hand-me-down from my older sister. Swear to God, I think it had flowers on it. I still haven’t fully recovered from that.

Favorite ride/race?
My all-time favorite race is the Firehouse 50 up in Grandview WI. I’ve done it at least 12 times. Very fun & fast race thru beautiful roads that ends with a small-town picnic. The 13 hour round-trip is tough though.

The best ride you’ve ever been on?
Another tough question. One that sticks out is riding in Boulder a couple years back and doing the climb up to Nederland on Canyon Blvd., then bombing back down to town on gravel roads. Epic climb followed by an exhilarating descent.

The most challenging ride you’ve been on?
My 1st 100 miler was years ago. I think the Milwaukee Journal had a local Century that I did after I first got into riding. I thought it would be a breeze. But instead, I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.

On a scale from 1(turkey)-10(falcon), how aero are you?
How aero is an ostrich? Maybe a “4”? I like to think of myself as ugly but fast. So I’ll go with ostrich.

What is the most epic post-ride meal?
Anything that involves BBQ sauce and IPA

Do you have any pets/sidekicks? 4 pets/sidekicks:
Frisco is our 10 yr old Husky, Nessie is our 6 yr old Great Dane, Linus is our extremely fat cat, and Newt is our extremely skinny cat

The farthest you’ve been from home?
Not sure. England/Scotland going east. Hawaii going west.

What bike do you ride most?
893939_562685760419565_995828164_oI must say my new Ridley Helium SL is like riding a feather with wheels. But it’s like asking which child is your favorite. They’re all special.

Whats your dream bike?
Changes daily. Right now I really like the idea of a titanium single speed ‘cross bike custom-built by Seven

How often do you commute by bike?
I try to commute twice a week. Seems like I actually commute more when the weather sucks. Weird.

Why do you ride?
At this point in my life, that’s like asking “Why do I breathe?”