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Jessica Helmlinger

about us

Your very first bicycle? (Or childhood ride)
I think my first bike was a pink banana seat bike, but the first one I really remember was a Huffy with purple paint splatters.

Favorite ride/race?
Jingle Cross!

What bike do you ride most? Anything special about it?
Cannondale SuperX- love that I can ride and race it for cross or road and everything in between. Super fun gravel bike. Also my Surly Crosscheck, another really versatile bike. It was my first ‘cross bike ever, and has since been a fixie and is now my  flat bar single speed ‘cross bike/pit bike.  I often race the Crosscheck in super muddy/sloppy races because it handles a little more like my mountain bike in technical races and I don’t have to worry about snapping a derailleur hanger.

The best ride you’ve ever been on?
A few recent rides stick out….a group ride I organized with some of the Belgianwerkx guys last summer- 90 miles and 4000+ feet of climbing with a doughnut stop in the middle made for a fun day, and March 2017 mountain biking in the Dupont State Forest in North Carolina.

The most challenging ride you’ve been on?
Dairyland Dare 2016.  Not only was that the largest amount of elevation climbed in one day, but I also did it with a bad back.

On a scale from 1(turkey)-10(falcon), how aero are you?

What is the most epic post-ride meal?
Nachos, pizza, burgers, bbq… is good.

The farthest you’ve been from home?
France- band trip in high school. Unfortunately not biking

What’s your dream bike?
Rocky Mountain Instint 950 MSL

How often do you commute by bike?
Not enough!

Why do you ride?
It’s fun, free, feel like a kid. I love pushing my own limits through racing and training, and I also love to save money by commuting by bike once in a while.