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Nicholas Moroder

About Us

Your very first bicycle? (Or childhood ride)
There is a home video of me shredding on a red trike I need to have my dad dig up.

Favorite ride/race?
Recently the Bear 100 stands out.

What bike do you ride most? Anything special about it?
Cannondale CAAD10. Built with Rival/Force/Dura-Ace. Lots of US built goodies, like Thomson, Chris King, and Velocity. Gulf Livery!

The best ride you’ve ever been on?
Cheesehead Roubaix was a blast.

The most challenging ride you’ve been on?
Cross races make me feel like I’m going to die.

On a scale from 1(turkey)-10(falcon), how aero are you?
I slam all my stems. Does that count for something?

What is the most epic post-ride meal?
When I was living in Sand Diego, I’d always get a Carne Asada burrito and a Coke on the way home.

Do you have any pets/sidekicks?
I have a little guy at home, Julian. He just turned 1 and has a strong sense of adventure. I have a catfish and a couple loaches, a cat, and I’m pretty sure a flying squirrel lives in my attic.

The farthest you’ve been from home?
Germany for Eurobike trade show.

Whats your dream bike?
Hard to put a finger on that. My CAAD10 fits and rides awesome. It’s my favorite colors too. The Seven is really, really nice, but I’m a little afraid to race it. I have an old pink Bianchi single-speed that will always have a special place in my heart.

How often do you commute by bike?
Not at all right now. Too busy with work and Julian.

Why do you ride?
I’m not exactly sure. Sometimes I won’t for a while, but it’s always something I come back to. I guess it’s just in me.